Olotcarn, S.A.S., pioneering company in cold meat distribution around Spain and European Union,
was founded in Olot (Girona) in 1993, due to the great meat tradition of the region called 'La Garrotxa'.

We have a professional team into our logistical department, which are in charge to coordinate all movements of exit and entrance of the goods, with the purpose of giving to our clients the best service.

Olotcarn's facilities  

Olotcarn's facilities.

At 11th year of its foundation, Olotcarn, S.A.S. is an important company in the European Food Industry, due to its business sense, based on the union of leading innovations and traditional methods.

Our target has always been to serve our clients as customized way and assuring a great quality, as much in relation to the products we provided and the service which we offer.  

  Packing room  

Packing room.

This year, following the exigencies of the market, we have introduced a series of innovations to our catalogue, always thinking about serving better to our clients. We have introduced a full range of sliced products that gathers a selection of our better cold meat.

But the main newness is the introduction of products with a great gastronomical interest as Cured Ham 'Ibérico', Salami 'Ibérico' and the 'Catalana', plus many others that you will find in our catalogue of products.